When you are in a hurry, nothing is worse than having to drive or ride in a vehicle with a boiling-hot interior. Even on days that are relatively cool, the interior of a car can be stifling. For example, when the environmental temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the interior of your car can get as hot as 104 degrees Fahrenheit within 30 minutes. Keep your car as cool as possible by following these tips.

1. Have the Windows of Your Car Tinted

Tinting the windows is usually done for aesthetic preferences, but it is also a simple alteration you can make to help your car stay cooler. The tinting helps filter the sunlight, and this reduces the interior temperature of your car.

However, not all window-tinting products are created equal. Some have higher levels of heat rejection, and that results in an even lower temperature for your car. Ask your window-tinting professional for a recommendation.

Make sure your preferred tint adheres to any rules and regulations that govern window tinting in your state. Some states only permit certain windows to be tinted while others dictate the darkness of the window tinting.

2. Watch Your Parking

When parking your vehicle, try to stay out of direct sunlight. Though this tip may seem obvious, it makes a significant difference in the temperature of your car.

If possible, park in covered space, such as a parking garage. In situations where no covered parking is available, even parking underneath the shade of a tree helps cool your car.

Sometimes you have to park in full sunlight; if this is the case, try to park so your back windshield receives the bulk of the sun's rays.

Even though this might not keep the temperature of your car significantly cooler, at least your steering wheel and front seats will be at a lower temperature.

3. Invest in a Window Shield

A window shield is an easy, reversible way to keep your car cooler. The shield works by blocking the rays of the sun. Not only does the shield help keep the car at a comfortable temperature, but it also protects the interior of your car from the sunlight.

Sunlight is notorious for causing the interior of a car to fade or even crack due to damage.

Though commercial window shields are one alternative, you can also use a light-colored towel as a shield.

Hot cars are a hassle that every driver has to deal with. Get a handle on your car's interior temperature by making a few simple changes. By doing so, you transform your car from a muggy, stifling space into a relaxing area perfect for traveling.

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