If you want to get more energy savings in your home, one of the improvements that often gets recommended is replacement windows. This is an affordable option for having new windows installed in your home, but there are some issues that you are going to have to deal with. One of the problems that you will have to deal with is repairs that need to be done to the trim and casing around the window, which is reused with replacement windows. Here are some tips to help you handle trim and window casing problems when replacing windows:

1. Removing The Old Sashes And Hardware Without Damaging Trim

The first thing that needs to be done before replacement windows can be installed is removing the window sashes. These are the sections of the window with glass that open and close. Once the sashes have been removed, there will still be hardware in the window, such as tracks and other mechanical parts for opening and closing the windows, like springs. You will want to remove these parts so the inside of the window frame opening is free of old components and only wood is left. If the window frame is another material, it should be stripped down to the solid part of the frame.

2. Filling In Screw Holes And Repairing Defects After All Hardware Has Been Removed

When you remove the old hardware and window components from the inside of the frame, there are going to be some holes left. You will want to fill the openings with a wood filler if you have a wood window casing. Other materials will require the use of other fillers like bonding agents for metal and vinyl. Another option is to just use silicone caulking to fill in the holes.

3. Repairing Trim and Casing And Touching Up Paint With Replacement Windows

Repairing the trim and casing is another part of prepping for replacement windows that will need to be done. The casing around the windows can sometimes have water damage, so you may have to replace a piece of wood or fill in rot with a wood filler. You will also want to repair any damage to exterior trim. In addition, when you are doing these final repairs, you will want to check windows to make sure they are level and square.

These are some tips that can help you deal with trim and casing problems when you use replacement windows. These windows can be a great choice for energy improvements to your home, but you may want to contact a window installation service like Gilkey Windows to help with the repairs and installation of your new windows.