If you have a window in your home that is particularly drafty, you are going to want to fix the draft issues before winter hits. Drafts from around your windows can keep your home cooler than you want it, and can really impact your energy bill. You can keep your energy bill in check this winter by using one or more of the three methods below to fix your drafty window.

#1 Window Insulation Kits

You can pick up a window insulation kit at your local home improvement store; this tends to be a seasonal item that you can find late fall and throughout the winter. Window insulation kits come with clear plastic that is designed to cover up your window. Most kits also come with some sort of double-sided tape that you can use to hang up the clear plastic.

To install a window insulation kit, all you need to do is take the clear plastic from the kit and attach it directly to the outside edge of your window frame, not the outside edge of the glass in your window. If the plastic is too large, you'll want to measure your window frame and cut it down to size before applying it. The plastic is designed to trap cold air inside of the plastic so that the draft doesn't get all the way to the inside of your home. This is an easy and simple way to fix a drafty window. Just be aware that it will be more difficult for you to see out of your window with this window film on it and you will not be able to open or close your window. Window film is generally removed from windows once spring rolls around so that they can be opened again.

#2 Weather Stripping

You can also fix your drafty windows with weather stripping. Weather stripping is kind of like a thick foam insulation that can be applied around the outside edge of your windows where the draft is coming in. Weather stripping is soft on one side and has an adhesive on the other side, which means that it doesn't require additional tools or equipment to install it.

You can purchase weather stripping in rolls or strips. To determine how much weather stripping you will need, measure the frame of your window.

To apply it, cut it down to size, take the protective paper off the adhesive side and stick it in place. You may need to apply two layers to cut down on the draft from your windows.

#3 Expanding Foam

Your third option is expanding foam that is designed for interior use. This is a good option if the crack that is causing your windows to be drafty is so large that you can easily see it with the naked eye.

You can purchase expanding foam at your local hardware store. Make sure that the foam you purchase is designed for interior use. Also, make sure that you don't purchase super expansive foam, which may expand much larger than you anticipated and could actually damage your window frame.

To use the foam, there is generally a straw-like device that you have to attach to the cap in order to disperse the foam. You may need to shake up the can before you can spray foam out. Put the foam into the cracks around your window. Don't overdo it; just spray a little as the foam should expand and fill the crack. It is better to spray a little foam and go back and add more than it is to spray too much and damage your window frame.

#4 Install Storm Shutters

Another way to protect your windows and limit the amount of air that is coming in around your windows is by installing storm shutters. When a storm approached, you can manually shut the shutters. This will help cut down on the wind that gets into your home and will provide you with another layer of insulation between your home and the outside world.

You can purchase storm shutters at your local home improvement store. You will need access to a drill and a ladder in order to install them on the outside of your home, or you can hire a window contractor to install them for you. 

Cut down on the draft coming from your windows this winter by using one of the easy, do-it-yourself tricks above. For more information, contact companies like Active Hurricane & Security Protection.