One of the great things about owning wooden windows is the fact that you have the ability to update and change the finish. You can dramatically alter the style of your windows just by restaining the frames. This is a great project, whether you want to change the style in one room or the whole house. It does require a little bit of patience and detail work, but it is a great DIY project because it doesn't require any rare or expensive power tools. This article explains the best way to refinish wooden window frames.

Remove the Existing Stain

First, you need to remove the existing stain. Don't bother using any stain strippers or paint thinner on your wood. You can get the most consistent results if you just sand off the stain. Most importantly, you need to use a small, handheld vibrating sander to help remove the majority of the stank. However, you will also need a hand held sponge sander that enables you to sand within the crevices and corners of the frame. You should have medium grit and extra fine grit sandpaper for each sanding device. You will start off with the medium grade paper to remove the bulk of the stain. Then, you step up to the smoother, extra fine grit paper to make the wood stainable.

Applying the New Stain

Before you do any staining you need to mask off the walls around the frame with painter's tape. If you are applying a clear stain, it is easiest to rub it on with rags instead of using paintbrushes. Clear wood stains are very watery, so runs can be a serious issue if you try and use a paintbrush. The key to a successful stain job is to apply multiple coats. In between each coat, you need to wait for the stain to completely dry and then use steel wool to buff it out. The steel wool will remove any of the fine particles that settle in the stain while it is drying.

After you rub down the wood with a steel wool, you should wipe it down with a rag before applying the next coat. The more coats you apply, the darker the wood will end up. Of course, you want to also rub down the wood after the final coat.

This simple job is a great way to make your old windows look more modern and match with the rest of your style. Contact a company like Beissel Window & Siding for more on this topic.