If you want to replace or upgrade the siding on your home exterior, there are a lot of options to choose from. Most importantly, you need to decide what siding material you want to use. Vinyl is probably the most common product, but wood is another great option. This article explains why wooden siding is a great product even though it requires a little bit of maintenance.

Wood Style Is Unbeatable

Most people will choose would mostly because they prefer the look of it compared to vinyl. Vinyl can look kind of like plastic. To many homeowners, this looks tacky and cheap. The warmth and style of wood are definitely hard to match. Most vinyl brands offer several products that have fake prints and textures that replicate wood, but these may not look as good as the genuine product.

When it comes to wood you have a huge range of options. First of all, you get to choose what type of wood. Different wood species have different grains and textures. They also absorb stains differently. There are an endless range of tinted stains to choose from. You can also apply a solid paint color if you want to cover the wood grains. Basically, when you consider the type of wood, the stain or paint color and the size of the wood panels, you have an overwhelmingly large amount of options.

Wood Is a Great Insulator

Wood also serves as a great natural insulator. Of course, not all wood types have the same level of insulation, but figure products are generally more efficient. Usually, if you invest in a thicker product, it will be more expensive. But it is often still worth the extra investment when you consider the long term savings that you can enjoy through your reduced energy bills.

Wood Is Easy to Repair

Wood is also a desirable material for DIYers. Repairing small damages in a wooden surface is quite simple. With a few basic tools, you can patch wood with ease. Vinyl, on the other hand, is much harder to repair. Not only it is harder to patch, it is hard to repaint or stain. So, if your vinyl siding does get damaged, you best option is replacing the entire piece. However, you can repair just the damaged part of wood on your own to save money and time.

Wood is obviously still a great option for residential siding. For more information about your options, contact a siding service.