When the doors and windows in your home are showing their age, replacement is something you might be considering. There are many materials for you to pick from, which include wood and vinyl as popular choices among homeowners. However, fiberglass material is a viable option you should consider. Here is the truth behind 4 myths about the material, which may help change your mind to using this material.

Myth: Fiberglass Is Not Durable

Fiberglass materials will be much more durable when compared to other materials used for doors and windows. In fact, you'll find that fiberglass will last 8 times as long as vinyl, and the material is 8 times stronger as well. This is because fiberglass is constructed using a reinforced polymer. It allows the material to be impact-resistant and incredibly strong.

Fiberglass also won't rot like wood and won't rust like metal. Fiberglass also doesn't have issues with the material changing shape in hot or cold weather. As long as the fiberglass window or door has an internal frame that is strong, it will be built to last a long time.

Myth: Fiberglass Requires Maintenance

Since fiberglass is incredibly durable, your doors and windows won't need much maintenance over the years for them to look great. You'll need to regularly clean the material using water and soap to remove dirt, but other than that, you shouldn't need to give them much attention.

Myth: Fiberglass Is Not Versatile

Fiberglass also has the benefit that it can be stained or painted, which is quite different from vinyl material. When you pick vinyl, you are stuck with whatever color the material came in. Fiberglass is very versatile, because it can change colors when you change the style of your home. It gives you the benefits of wood window aesthetics where you can change the color but none of the downfalls that go with it.

Myth: Fiberglass Isn't An Energy Efficient Material

There is a reason that fiberglass is used as an insulation material for the attics and walls of homes. That's because it's very energy efficient. Fiberglass will do a great job at preventing the transfer of heat in your home, which is very important around your doors and windows.

If you are still on the fence about if you should use fiberglass doors or windows for your home, speak with a local contractor from a company like Mister Window Inc about it. They can help guide you toward the best material for your home.