Your enclosed porch doesn't have to be a plain room. With the right decorative touches and a bit of creativity. you can transform this space into a tropical-inspired retreat for your family to enjoy. Here are just a few ways to make this theme work in your enclosed porch.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters bring the authentic look of the Bahamas to your space. Place these shutters on all your windows to give the space an instant facelift and to filter out a bit of sunlight as needed. You can choose a crisp white color, or if you are a bit more daring, opt for a deep turquoise, canary yellow or salmon pink to bring a vibrant look to the space. Be sure to look for shutters that can be adjusted to let light in, or look for a design that operates like a door, letting you throw open the shutters on the inside of the room for extra sunlight. Click here for additional info.

Wicker Furniture Sets

Wicker furniture isn't just for the outside. You can incorporate different styles of wicker furniture into your enclosed porch's decor theme to bring more of that tropical feel to the space. Look for brightly colored cushions, either in solid colors or printed patterns, to bring comfort and style to the space. For a large room, you may want to consider a sectional sofa in wicker, or for a small room, you may prefer a loveseat and two armchairs. Don't forget to add side tables and a coffee table to complete the seating area.

Tropical Plants

Lush, green tropical plants offer the perfect finishing touch for your space. If you don't have a green thumb, you can select artificial plants to dress up your space. Place large plants in the corners to give the room a cozy look, and consider adding planter boxes filled with smaller plants just beneath your plantation shutters. You can even get creative with antique-style bird cages filled with silk flowers for a unique look.

Ceiling Fans

The right ceiling fan can add to the authentic tropical feel of your space. Look for a design with large fan blades, preferably in a white or dark wood finish. A fan with a distressed finish can also add beauty to the space. A model with built-in lights can provide just the right illumination at night, so you can enjoy your enclosed porch whenever you like. If you have high or cathedral ceilings in your space, work with your contractor to hang the fan lower so that it remains part of the decor theme while keeping your space cooler in the summer months.

Creating a theme for your enclosed porch can make your space feel more like a retreat in your home, and it gives you a great area for entertaining guests. Use these ideas along with a few of your own to create a beautiful, tropical-inspired room you can truly feel at home in.