If you want to keep your home warmer this winter, you need to cut down on the heat that is lost through your windows. If you put install all three of your potential window dressing options, you can greatly reduce the heat loss around your windows this winter.

#1 Outside Shutters

The first window covering option that you have is outside window shutters. Outside window shutters will increase the visual appeal of your home. Window shutters also offer protection if you live in an area that experiences strong storms. When a strong storm rolls in, you can close your shutters to shield your windows. 

Finally, closing your window shutters can help keep your home warmer by adding a layer of insulation between your home and outside. 

#2 Blinds

The next window covering option you need to consider for all of your windows are blinds. Blinds will help keep the cold temperatures that can radiate off of your windows from getting all the way into your home. Blinds can also provide you with more privacy and allow you to control the light that comes into your home. 

You don't have to get really fancy with your blinds. You can install regular, plastic blinds and get all of the benefits described above. If you want your windows to look fancier, you can go with a more expensive option, such as wooden blinds. 

#3 Curtains

Finally, all of your windows should be equipped with a third layer of protection if you really want to keep your house warm. Curtains are your last line of defense when it comes to cutting out the cold that can seep in around your windows.

If you want your curtains to be really effective, you need to purchase energy efficient curtains that are designed to block out out heat. You want to go with the thickest curtains that you can find.

You may also want to go with curtains that go all the way to the floor, even if your windows don't. This will make your windows look larger and will also help contain the cold that comes in around your window. 

When you hang up the curtains, make sure that you hang up the curtain rods so that they extend a couple of inches out on either side of your window. This will allow your curtains to effectively cover your entire window; if you hang up the curtain rods so that they are only as wide as your window, cold air will seep in around the edges. 

If you really want to keep your home warm this winter, set up these three layers of defense using shutters, blinds, and curtains. Talk to a company like Beard's Window Coverings for information about all these window coverings and more.