Most people put off new windows for the home until spring and summer, this way the work is being done during warm weather. Unfortunately, you may not be able to wait if there is major damage to a window that necessitates a prompt replacement. The good news is that the process can be managed so that it goes smoothly, regardless of the severity of the winter weather. The following can help.

Opt for a slower process

During summer installations workers often remove all the windows at once, and then replace them. This allows them to work in an assembly line-like fashion. In winter, it's better to replace a single window at a time, from initial removal to finished installation. This minimizes heat loss and doesn't leave your home as exposed to the elements.

Seal off the room

All the windows in a single room should be replaced first before moving on to the next room. This allows your crew to seal off the room being worked on so that cold drafts are minimized in the rest of the house. They will likely hang insulation blankets over doorways to help keep the cold out. You can help out the process by closing air vents into the room that is being worked in.

Clear a staging area

A major key to preventing heat loss and exposure is to ensure that the new window is ready to place as soon as the old one is out, thus limiting the amount of time drafts are allowed inside. You can help with this process by clearing a staging area on each side of the house where windows are being replaced. If it has snowed, clear the snow from the area. Otherwise, simply ensure that the windows are easily accessible from the exterior of the home by removing outdoor furniture or trimming back bushes that could be in the way.

Insist on at least a two-person team

A two-person per window installation team means that one person performs all inside installation tasks, while the other is dedicated to the outside tasks. This way you won't have installers running in and out of the house, letting out more heat as well as tracking in snow and mud. You can further help prevent tracked in messes by laying rugs over the entry way or covering any carpet with a painter's drop cloth before the installers arrive.

For more help in planning for a winter window installation, contact a window replacement professional, like one from Fischer Window and Door Store, in your area.