While you may personally participate in most or all of the major holidays that happen throughout the year, this does not automatically mean that your business will be included as well. But, if you want to maximize profits, getting involved with most holidays has numerous benefits. It is an ideal time to put on sales to get people through the door and to sell limited time only items. The best way to show people that your business is in the spirit of Christmas is to show off your products in window displays. It makes perfect sense to get commercial window cleaning after your windows are set up nicely.

Remove Marks and Streaks from Set Up

While you and your employees go through the process of getting things ready for Christmas, it is likely that fingerprints and other marks will get on the windows in the front and elsewhere. For this reason, you should wait to handle the window cleaning until you have completely finished setting up for Christmas. This will prevent you from getting into a situation in which you have dirty windows but a nice display.

Do Not Hinder the Beautiful Displays

When you invest time and money into creating attractive displays for the front of your store, the last thing you want to do is to reduce their impressiveness by not having clean windows. Although you may clean them on your own throughout the year, this is the most important time of the year for business. People go Christmas shopping for family and friends, and then even after Christmas, they shop for themselves. It can be tricky to clean windows with decorations and displays to work around, but professionals will have extensive experience in getting around obstacles while still being able to clean exceptionally well.

Promote Social Media Spreading

One thing that you can do with the displays is to incorporate social media. With clean windows and a lovely display, it becomes a great opportunity to encourage customers to post your display online. If they share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms, they can show you and be entered into a drawing for a gift card, which gets them through the door and shopping on its own. Each share can grant them a ticket, which can be increased by how many websites the picture is shared on. This is just one clever way that you can use window cleaning service to your fullest potential.

Window cleaning is something that you can benefit from all year long, but making it a top priority when you have an impressive display to showcase to those passing by is a smart decision. Contact a business, such as Pro Window Cleaning, for more information.