If you are in the process of replacing the windows in your home, you'll find that two of the most common window replacement options are vinyl and aluminum windows. Here are some of the ways that these two types of windows differ from one another.

#1 Cost

When it comes to cost, vinyl windows tend to be cost less while still presenting you with a good value. Bottom-line aluminum windows may be similarly priced to vinyl windows, but are generally not that energy efficient. To get high-quality vinyl windows, you need to be willing to invest more money into the windows.

#2 Maintenance

Aluminum windows consist of metal casings and frames, which results in metal on metal contact. This metal on metal contact will require you to lubricate your windows on a regular basis to ensure that the metal moves smoothly and also doesn't become rusted.

Vinyl windows are relatively low maintenance; you don't need to lubricate them on a regular basis to ensure their smooth operation. You don't have to paint or stain them regularly like wood windows either. All you really need to do on a regular basis is wipe them down and keep them clean.

#3 Sustainability

Both vinyl and aluminum windows are very long-lasting products, which contributes to the overall sustainability of both products. However, vinyl windows are not as efficient or as easy to recycle as aluminum windows.

#4 Condensation

Vinyl windows do not create a lot of condensation. You will not have to worry about moisture building up on vinyl windows.

With aluminum windows, condensation typically builds on the windows. This happens because of the way that heat it transferred on the aluminum. This can create condensation and cause it to build up. Sometimes this condensation can get between your window and wall and cause damage. It is best to wipe away the condensation that forms on aluminum windows.

#5 Design

Vinyl windows frames come in numerous different finishes and colors, allowing you to match the colors to your home. The color is usually throughout the frame, so even if the frame gets scratched or dented for any reason, the same color will shine through.

With aluminum windows, the base of the window is a metal frame. You can paint over the frame, but if it gets chipped at all, the metal will shine through. However, the original metal frames, unpainted, can provide your home with a refreshingly modern feel.

Take into consideration what you are looking for and wanting out of a replacement window when choosing between vinyl and aluminum; they both have strengths and drawbacks depending on what you are looking for.