Your teen's bedroom is his or her private space, and you want to provide a cozy yet stylish area for studying and relaxing. When planning a makeover for the room, consider all the different ways you can use window treatments to add bursts of color and style to the space. Here are a few unique options to consider when decorating your child's room.

Curtain Around The Bed

If your teen's bed is pushed up against a wall, consider making this space its own separate room. You can hang a long curtain rod from the ceiling in front of the bed, which can be used to hang two curtain panels. Use tiebacks to make the bed accessible, and your teen can remove the tiebacks at night to create a dark, quiet place for resting. Consider using gauzy, semi-sheer fabric in bright colors to add a vibrant look to the bed. You can also hang drapes along the wall to complete this idea.

Plantation Shutter Headboard

Create a tropical-inspired look by using plantation-style shutters as a headboard. These shutters can be mounted directly to the wall, which means you need only a mattress set and frame for your child's room. If there are windows on either side of the bed, continue this look to the windows by adding shutters there as well. You can choose a crisp white color, or you can opt for bold tropical colors, such as teal, red, hot pink, or bright blue. Take this idea one step further by hanging mosquito netting above the bed for a true island resort feel in the room.

Wall Of Curtains

If your teen's bedroom only has a single window, or if the windows are small, consider lining one entire wall with curtains. This can create an illusion of lots of window space while also creating a unique textured look for the wall. Choose drapes that extend to the floor for this idea, as this will help maintain the illusion. You can also hang white party lights behind sheer curtains for a fun, youthful look, and a great way to bring added illumination to the room. Use tiebacks around the actual window to let fresh air and natural light come into the room. This option is ideal for basement bedrooms where there might only be one small glass block window for natural light.

Talk to your teen about how he or she wants the room to look, and use these ideas to create a unique decor theme using window treatments and your imagination.