Do you need to replace your window shades? If you have had them for years, they may be dirty, ripped, and damaged in other ways. Now that you are going to shop for replacements, you should consider getting solar shades. Many homeowners are making the switch to solar shades because these shades look good, block out the sun, and are simply convenient to have.

1. They Are Available in Several Different Colors

The solar shades come in several different colors. In the past, you may have had trouble finding shades in any other color except for white. However, you may not like that white color and you may feel like it stands out in a negative way inside your home. If you are tired of dealing with white shades and you want to add some extra color to each room, you can choose solar shades in a variety of colors, including royal blue, gray, beige, brown, and even black.

2. The Shades Are Energy-Efficient

The shades you were using may have blocked out the sun, but they might not have done much in terms of keeping the home more comfortable. Unlike those traditional shades, a strong and UV-resistant material is used to create solar shades, ultimately helping to block the sun out and keep the heat out of the home. Because these shades can block out more of the sun and the heat that comes from it, your home should feel a lot cooler, so you can stop wasting as much energy as you normally would on those hot summer days.

3. It Does Not Take Much Effort to Keep Them Clean

Keeping your solar shades clean will not require much effort on your behalf. If you want something with less maintenance involved, solar shades are the perfect choice. Keeping them clean takes a matter of seconds over the span of several months. Once you spot some dust or a bit of dirt on them, you can simply add some water and mild dish detergent to a soft cloth and wipe the shades off. The quick cleaning technique is efficient enough and makes it easy for homeowners to keep their shades in great condition.

If you are ready to purchase new shades, think about checking out the solar options. These shades come in lots of colors, are energy-efficient, and it takes hardly any effort at all to keep them clean. Customizable options are available for windows of all different sizes, so you should not have an issue getting these shades despite the size or shape of your windows.