If you have just moved into your new home, new windows may not immediately be at the top of your home improvement list. This can be a big mistake, since issues with old windows can lead to mold problems, higher energy bills, and simple aesthetic issues. The following are a few signs that you may need to consider a home window replacement.


If you have multi-paned or insulated windows, you may be concerned to see condensation trapped between the panes — and with good reason. Once condensation gets in, you can be reasonably assured that the seal has broken and that your windows are no longer energy efficient. If you aren't concerned with energy efficiency, it is possible to have a window service out to clean the condensation from the windows. They achieve this by drilling a small hole in the glass. They then spray a cleaning solution into the space, followed by using a special device to vacuum out the moisture and excess air. The hole, which is nearly invisible, remains, so moisture doesn't become trapped again. If you are concerned about efficiency, though, you will need to get new windows installed.


Rot is only a concern if you have wooden windows. Vinyl and aluminum windows won't have this issue, although you will need to periodically inspect aluminum to ensure that there is no corrosion that requires removal and repainting. Wood windows, on the other hand, can begin to rot if the paint or finish isn't kept in pristine shape. You can check for rot by gently probing the frames with the tip of a screwdriver. If the screwdriver easily leaves an indentation in the wood, you likely have rot. Swollen, sticking sashes can also be a sign of rot. Upgrading to new vinyl windows solves the problem and ensures rot won't be an issue in the future.

Air leaks

Any window on your home, including properly sealed multi-paned windows, can have an air leak. This is usually caused by poor weather stripping or by a window frame that wasn't squared and sealed properly at installation. Air leaks can also be a problem on homes that have settled since the windows were originally installed. If you feel a draft coming in around the window, then you have an air leak. The first task is to replace the weather stripping to see if that helps. If it doesn't, a window service may be able to fix the issue. Otherwise, replacement may be the only option.

Contact a window service for more help.