Whether you are building a large custom home or are rehabbing an older single-family home, glass railings are a great option to open up the house and create a more modern-looking interior.

If you aren't sure if glass railings are right for you or not, then it's important to consider both the pros and cons before making a final decision. Here are some to consider:

Pro: Glass Railings Open up the View and Improve Natural Lighting

Not only do glass railings give an amazing modern design aesthetic to your home, but they also open up the space and allow natural light to flow. Since there aren't any barriers blocking the natural light from surrounding windows, the stairwell and hallway won't seem as closed off and dark as they would with other types of railing systems.

In addition to promoting a more open and light area, glass railings also give you a clear view to watch your children or pets from other rooms across the house. And, for busy parents, this can be a huge bonus.

Con: Glass Railings Require Meticulous Cleaning

Speaking of kids and pets, you can count on glass railings showing every fingerprint or nose smudge. So, if you have children or pets, then this is something to consider.

While smudges on the glass won't hurt it in any way, if you want the railings to look amazing, then you will need to be meticulous about keeping them clean.

When it comes to cleaning, glass railings require a high-quality glass cleaner and either mastery of a squeegee or some special lint-free cleaning cloths. These things are required to keep the railings looking as clear as they did on the day they were first installed.

Pro: Glass Railings Don't Require Maintenance 

Unlike wood railings that require frequent repainting or restaining or metal railings that are prone to rust damage, glass railings don't require any maintenance. All you will ever need to do for railings installed indoors is simply keep them clean using a high-quality glass cleaner.

Con: Glass Railings Can Lack Privacy

In conclusion, it's important to mention that glass railings can lack privacy. For example, if your home has windows with a view onto the stairway, then people outdoors will be able to see you and your family members as you walk up and down the stairs.

When privacy matters, such as in this case or when glass railings are installed outdoors around a deck, you can opt to have them frosted to block the view and protect your family's privacy.