Vinyl windows are a top choice for builders of new homes, but those who own older homes may also find them to be the best replacement option for their needs. In addition to their reasonable cost and rugged construction, older homeowners may also want to consider replacing their original windows with vinyl replacement windows for one of the following reasons. 

Eliminating stuck window issues

Settling in the foundation of an older home may be most noticeable in the windows and doors of the house. Some of the signs homeowners may notice first include: 

  • windows becoming stuck or very difficult to open or close
  • doors and windows that begin to look uneven in their frames
  • doors that stick or become difficult to open or close

If the foundational shifting worsens or becomes severe in nature, homeowners may even find that the glass in their wood-framed windows has cracked or fallen out. Because their frames can flex more easily than wood, vinyl replacement windows are better able to withstand the movement of an older home without experiencing damage or becoming difficult to use. 

Lowering heating and cooling costs

Unless they have been extensively remodeled, most older homes are not as energy efficient as comparably sized homes built today. If the windows are older wood or aluminum, single-pane windows, replacing them with high-efficiency vinyl replacement windows can reduce the loss of heated and cooled air and help to eliminate drafts and comfort issues inside the home. When heated and cooled air is able to be more easily retained inside the envelope of the home, heating and cooling equipment will cycle on less often, resulting in lower utility bills. 

Making maintenance easier and safer

Another reason to consider replacing older wood-framed windows with new vinyl replacement windows is when the homeowners are older or have plans to remain in the home during their retirement years. Unlike old wood or aluminum windows, modern vinyl replacement windows do not require maintenance of storm windows or the use of ladders to install them to the exterior of the home. 

Cleaning chores for vinyl replacement windows are also much easier and safer. Instead of climbing a ladder or risking a fall while working outside the home, homeowners can select vinyl replacement windows that tilt inward and lay flat to clean, allowing them to be easily cleaned from inside the home without using step stools or ladders. 

Older homeowners who would like to learn more about the benefits they can enjoy by choosing vinyl replacement windows should take time to discuss their needs and concerns with a reputable vinyl window supplier in their area.