As far as custom window treatments go, it really is hard to surpass the quality and authenticity of wood. Wooden window treatments have been used in all types of construction for decades and even centuries. Wood is an adaptable, reliable, affordable, stylish and long lasting material, which makes it perfect for construction window treatments. Of course, in this day and age, there are a bunch of newer composite materials that are becoming more and more popular. While many composite materials do have certain advantages, they are not for everyone. Many people just love the natural look and feel of wooden windows. This article looks at 3 great reasons to invest in wooden window treatments.

Wood Is Changeable

One of the most attractive features of wooden windows is the fact that wood can be painted, stained, or refinished however you like. Not only can you add your own personal touch to your wood, but you can also change it virtually as often as you want. That is, if you wanted to paint your windows a new color, this would be quite easy if you had wooden windows. This adaptability is something that you don't really get with composite materials. It is much harder and not very practical to repaint or refinish materials like vinyl, composite wood, or composite metals. You just have to be happy with the material you choose and stick with it. But, if you wanted to repaint your wooden windows once a year, that would be totally fine.

Wood Is Stylish

No matter how your wooden windows are painted or stained, you just can't deny the natural style of wood. It has a look and feel that many other materials try to imitate. But if you are looking at it purely from the standpoint of aesthetic style, why would you get the imitation material and not the real thing?

Wood Is Practical

Wood is also practical to own. While some composite materials might be able to boast longer lifespans, they are not as easy to repair. You can fix dents and dings in wood very easily, even if you aren't very handy. With a few simple tools and couple of basic instructional videos, you could (for instance) patch and repaint a scratched frame in not time. As long as you take care of your wooden windows, they should last the lifetime of your home.

These are just 3 of many great reasons to choose wooden window treatments when you're getting custom window services.