If you carefully study the mansard roofing design, you will notice it looks like a combination of a hip and gambrel roof. In other words, it is a modified version of gable roofs. Mansard or French roofs feature four sides with two slanted ones and the pitch forming a convex shape. The slanted sides normally have dormer windows to an additional room. 

Opting for mansard roofs offers you the opportunity to cover more space than you normally would find in a story building. So what is it that draws people to these types of roofs? The following advantages will answer this question.

You Will Have Additional Attic Space

If you have always desired attic space, installing a mansard roof can make that a reality. The vertical slope at the bottom offers your roof more attic space than most roofing designs, such as gable and hip roofs would. The space is usually so big you can opt to use it as the main bedroom. In addition, the dormer windows allow you to have ample natural light coming in. 

It Fits Both Country Sides and City Settings

Whether you live in a rural or urban setting, you are free to install a French roof without worry. Unlike other roofing options, which can only be installed in certain places, mansard roofs are flexible enough to be installed anywhere without looking out of place. They are particularly great for an urban setting where it is nearly impossible to expand your home outwards. That is because a mansard allows one to do upward expansions. 

Ideal for All Personalities and Ages

Mansard roofs are a combination of both traditional and modern looks. Modern twists include dormers and curved eaves, making them an ideal option for property owners. These features make them a perfect choice for everyone regardless of age or personality. Therefore whether you are a young or older adult looking to build a home, you will love the outcome. 

They Do Not Demand High Maintenance

Perhaps you have very little time on your hands due to a tight work schedule. Therefore, additional tasks such as roof maintenance might go unattended. If this sounds like you, you might want to consider mansard roofs as they are less demanding in terms of care. When properly installed, mansard roofs form a compact and sturdy covering that is less susceptible to hazards. Additionally, you do not have to worry in case of a fire breakout as mansard roofs are incombustible. 

Mansard roofs are a worthy investment for the reasons highlighted above. But, if you want to reap big, use long-lasting roofing materials such as copper and couple that with proper care. And, of course, ensure that a roofing contractor handles your mansard roof installations. For more information, contact a roofing company near you.